Our CO-FOUNDER and MANAGING PARTNER Mr. SOUMITRA MONDAL is an entrepreneur, mentor, and a career coach. He has been helping thousands of people find their right kind of career path towards achieving their career goals within stipulated time frame and live a life of their choice by mentoring and guiding directly or indirectly through BECC PLATFORM.


Mr. SOUMITRA MONDAL is a graduate in Bio Science from BURDWAN UNIVERSITY, with 22 years of pharmaceutical sales experience in companies like Macleods, GlaxoSmithKline, Ranbaxy & Pfizer respectively.


His MISSION & VISION is to mentor 1,00,000 (one lac) mentees directly or indirectly by 2027 to help them  achieve  their career goals & objectives through BECC platform. As a human potential developer and “need & talent based” career designer, Mr. MONDAL helps people get the job they deserve, in the company they dream to work with & at the salary as per their profiles & potentials.