Samrat Sarkar

I am Samrat Sarkar. I am from Bamangachhi. My age is  22 years. At first I contacted with Soumitra Sir with the reference of my elder brother and then he started to guide me for the job of Medical Sales Representative. And the first day when I joined the class I didn’t know how to face an interview but they taught me how to face an interview and what is the basic job of a Medical representative, what is the career opportunity from this job. They discussed the whole  thing which was supposed to be asked in the interview. For this I must be thankful to Soumitra Sir, Pallab Sir.
Then they taught me regarding the Human body system(Digestive System, Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System) and many other things which were the main motivations for to crack the 1st interview.
Especially thanks to Soumitra Sir because he helped me all the time when I faced any trouble. I called him and talked to him and he gave me the right and adequate information and solved my problem.  Afterall thanks to the whole BECC Team for helping me.